VESSELSLIST method allows you to query any combination of AIS data, Voyage or Master data for a fleet of predefined vessels by IMO/MMSI in JSON or XML format.

This service is available on subscription basis for a fixed fee. The fee depends on the fleet size and requested datasets. VESSELSLIST works with a fixed fleet of vessels and it is more cost-effective compared to the VESSELS method.

Data Content
AIS Coordinates, course, speed, heading, current draught, destination, ETA and static vessel data
Voyage Last port/country and time of departure
Master IMO, name, flag, type, year of build, builder, owner / manager, dimensions, maximum draught, gross tonnage, net tonnage, deadweight, TEU, crude capacity

URL format


Parameter Required Type Default Description
userkey yes text - Your personal API key
format no text json Response format json or xml
interval no integer unlimited The maximum age of the returned positions (in minutes)

Examples (JSON format)

            "TIMESTAMP":"2017-08-11 11:17:37 UTC",
            "ETA_AIS":"00-00 00:00",
            "TIMESTAMP":"2017-08-11 11:09:43 UTC",
            "NAME":"MARIELLA II",
            "ETA_AIS":"00-00 24:60",
            "TIMESTAMP":"2017-08-11 11:18:05 UTC",
            "NAME":"M/V CANARY",
            "ETA_AIS":"08-11 04:00",
            "ETA":"2017-08-11 04:00:00 UTC",

            "TIMESTAMP":"2017-08-11 11:43:42 UTC",
            "NAME":"BW HAWK",
            "ETA_AIS":"08-17 00:01",
            "ETA":"2017-08-17 00:01:00 UTC",
            "NAME":"BW HAWK",
            "TYPE":"Chemical/Oil Products Tanker",
            "BUILDER":"SPP SB CO",
            "DEPARTURE":"2017-08-09 17:26:38 UTC",

Examples (XML format)

    <AIS MMSI="215096000" TIMESTAMP="2017-08-11 11:14:03 UTC" LATITUDE="42.82085" LONGITUDE="9.98676" COURSE="357.0" SPEED="11.2" HEADING="8" NAVSTAT="0" IMO="9228801" NAME="BALTIC SKY I" CALLSIGN="9HCD7" TYPE="89" A="152" B="30" C="7" D="20" DRAUGHT="10.7" DESTINATION="GENOA" ETA_AIS="08-12 08:00" ETA="2017-08-12 08:00:00" SRC="TER"/>
    <AIS MMSI="227441980" TIMESTAMP="2017-08-11 11:23:37 UTC" LATITUDE="46.1459" LONGITUDE="-1.16629" COURSE="360.0" SPEED="0.0" HEADING="511" NAVSTAT="1" IMO="0" NAME="CLEMENTINE" CALLSIGN="FJVK" TYPE="60" A="0" B="0" C="0" D="0" DRAUGHT="0.0" DESTINATION="" ETA_AIS="00-00 00:00" ETA="" SRC="TER"/>
    <AIS MMSI="538003777" TIMESTAMP="2017-08-11 11:18:05 UTC" LATITUDE="36.28361" LONGITUDE="-3.5416" COURSE="260.0" SPEED="11.2" HEADING="260" NAVSTAT="0" IMO="9441271" NAME="M/V CANARY" CALLSIGN="V7TC3" TYPE="70" A="160" B="30" C="10" D="22" DRAUGHT="12.3" DESTINATION="GIBRALTAR" ETA_AIS="08-11 04:00" ETA="2017-08-11 04:00:00" SRC="TER"/>