When does it make sense to choose a Credit based charge instead of a Subscription based charge?

If your need is expected to be continuous then a Subscription based charge is better. If you require data on an ad hoc basis, then a Credit based charge might be more cost-effective.

How often is the position data updated?

The position data is updated every few seconds. Note that this does not necessarily mean that there will be a new position for each vessel every few seconds.

How often can I call a service?

You can call the Credit based services as often as needed. You are only charged for the records returned. The request frequency of the Subscription based services depends on the subscription agreement.

Can I test the service?

You can request a trial through the Contact Us page.

Will I be charged for an empty response?


How much do Credits cost?

You can see a detailed pricing of Credits by visiting our Credit Plans.

How can I purchase Credits?

You need to send us an email with the credits you want to buy and we will give you payment instructions. You can pay either by wire transfer or credit card (PayPal).

Can I use purchased Credits for different API methods?

Sure! Credits purchased can be used for all Credit based methods.

How can I see my remaining Credits?

You can check the remaining credits by calling the Status Method.