LIVEDATA method allows you to query any combination of AIS data, Voyage or Master data for all vessels in a predefined rectangular geographic area. Additional filters by type, size etc. may be applied.

This service is available on subscription basis for a fixed fee. The fee depends on the area size, vessel traffic density and requested datasets.

Data Content
AIS Coordinates, course, speed, heading, current draught, destination, ETA and static vessel data
Voyage Last port/country and time of departure
Master IMO, name, flag, type, year of build, builder, owner / manager, dimensions, maximum draught, gross tonnage, net tonnage, deadweight, TEU, crude capacity

URL format


Parameter Required Type Default Description
userkey yes text - Your personal API key
format no text json Response format json or xml
interval no integer unlimited The maximum age of the returned positions (in minutes)

Examples (JSON format)

            "TIMESTAMP":"2017-08-11 11:17:37 UTC",
            "ETA_AIS":"00-00 00:00",
            "TIMESTAMP":"2017-08-11 11:09:43 UTC",
            "NAME":"MARIELLA II",
            "ETA_AIS":"00-00 24:60",
            "TIMESTAMP":"2017-08-11 11:18:05 UTC",
            "NAME":"M/V CANARY",
            "ETA_AIS":"08-11 04:00",
            "ETA":"2017-08-11 04:00:00",

            "TIMESTAMP":"2017-08-11 11:43:42 UTC",
            "NAME":"BW HAWK",
            "ETA_AIS":"08-17 00:01",
            "ETA":"2017-08-17 00:01:00",
            "NAME":"BW HAWK",
            "TYPE":"Chemical/Oil Products Tanker",
            "BUILDER":"SPP SB CO",
            "DEPARTURE":"2017-08-09 17:26:38 UTC",

Examples (XML format)

    <AIS MMSI="215096000" TIMESTAMP="2017-08-11 11:14:03 UTC" LATITUDE="42.82085" LONGITUDE="9.98676" COURSE="357.0" SPEED="11.2" HEADING="8" NAVSTAT="0" IMO="9228801" NAME="BALTIC SKY I" CALLSIGN="9HCD7" TYPE="89" A="152" B="30" C="7" D="20" DRAUGHT="10.7" DESTINATION="GENOA" ETA_AIS="08-12 08:00" ETA="2017-08-12 08:00:00" SRC="TER"/>
    <AIS MMSI="227441980" TIMESTAMP="2017-08-11 11:23:37 UTC" LATITUDE="46.1459" LONGITUDE="-1.16629" COURSE="360.0" SPEED="0.0" HEADING="511" NAVSTAT="1" IMO="0" NAME="CLEMENTINE" CALLSIGN="FJVK" TYPE="60" A="0" B="0" C="0" D="0" DRAUGHT="0.0" DESTINATION="" ETA_AIS="00-00 00:00" ETA="" SRC="TER"/>
    <AIS MMSI="538003777" TIMESTAMP="2017-08-11 11:18:05 UTC" LATITUDE="36.28361" LONGITUDE="-3.5416" COURSE="260.0" SPEED="11.2" HEADING="260" NAVSTAT="0" IMO="9441271" NAME="M/V CANARY" CALLSIGN="V7TC3" TYPE="70" A="160" B="30" C="10" D="22" DRAUGHT="12.3" DESTINATION="GIBRALTAR" ETA_AIS="08-11 04:00" ETA="2017-08-11 04:00:00" SRC="TER"/>